Born Free is a dog food born out of a passion and allegiance to man’s best friend.

As a 4th generation, family-run, distributor of canine and feline nutrition products, we believe that the simplest nutrition is the best. In 2010 we saw a need for a product that respected the way dogs were born to eat, with a focus on high-quality protein. So we formed Born Free, a nature-inspired line of dog food that honors the birthright of every dog to clean air, fresh water, and good real food.

In addition to high-quality protein we select vegetables specifically for their nutritional value. And Born Free is always free of grains, gluten, and unnecessary fillers.

We believe in building a legacy, for our dogs, and our sons and daughters — for generations to come. Producing the highest quality food always has been, and always will be, our #1 value at Born Free. We’ve partnered with the best, family-owned pet food manufacturer in America, and we take a hands-on approach to ingredient selection, production and testing — to ensure that Born Free is the best for our pets and yours.