How to Have a Born Free and Dog-Friendly 4th of July

The 4th of July is a time to celebrate independence, free spirit and family! Often dogs get left out of the fun to protect them from dangerous or frightening festivities. However, there are plenty of ways to celebrate our nation’s independence that are Fido friendly. Try some of these activities this holiday weekend!

  • Host a splash party

Fill up a kiddie pool with cool water and dog toys. Invite the neighborhood dogs and owners over for an afternoon of fetching, chase and splashing! This will sure tucker them out before a night in once the barbeques and fireworks start. 

  • Treat your dog to a pup-sicle

For a festive treat, freeze a few of your dog’s bits of kibble in water (or sodium-free broth) for a chilly and delicious treat.

  • Show some love for the homeland

Head out for a morning hike and take in the beautiful landscapes you and your dog love! Be sure to bring plenty of water and maybe toss a festive stars and stripes bandana on your dog while you’re on the trail.

  • Play a movie for your pup

Even if they don’t sit down and watch, playing a calm movie or relaxing music can help to ease your dog’s anxiety and provide a bit of entertainment while you step out to watch the fireworks.

Be sure to practice pet safety during the holiday but don’t forget to have fun! What dog-friendly 4th of July activities do you plan on celebrating this year?

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