5 Fantastic Fall Activities for You and Your Dog

Many of the things we love about fall—the invigorating cooler temperatures, the changing colors of the trees, the aroma of decaying leaves—are also appreciated by dogs. For dogs that are bred for cooler climates, fall is when they truly come into their element. If you’re looking for fun fall activities to do with your dog, read on!  


Fall is a great time to go camping with your dog. Many popular camping destinations are almost empty, meaning you and your dog will practically have the park to yourselves. Camping is also an excellent time to go on long nature hikes with your dog without the high summer temperatures to slow you down.

Try to recreate a similar setup to what your dog has at home at your campsite. If your dog has a bed, bring it—and always remember to bring toys and treats. Also, be sure to pack warm blankets. Use the blankets to keep your dog off the cold ground as well as to cover him up so he’ll get a good night’s sleep. Check out this article for more camping tips and also learn how to check your dog for ticks.

Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch

Visiting an apple orchard or pumpkin patch is a great activity to do with your dog because you’ll be outside in a rural setting. An awesome combination of fall activities: you’ll collect apples and pumpkins for the season, while your dog enjoys the fresh air and interesting smells. Most apple orchards and pumpkin patches allow dogs, which is a plus for dogs that love to socialize. However, before you visit an orchard or pumpkin patch, find out if dogs are allowed. 

Yard Work

Doing yardwork is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your dog. If you’re raking leaves, take a few minutes to hide toys and treats under leaf piles for your dog to find. Speaking of leaf piles, check out this video of a Siberian husky having a Born Free moment in a pile of leaves!

Snuggle in Front of the Fireplace 

What could be cozier than snuggling up with your dog in front of a fireplace? In addition to bonding, your dog will become very relaxed, which will give you an opportunity to perform grooming tasks some dogs dislike, such as teeth brushing and nail trimming. Coat grooming, however, should be a cinch.    

New Routines

Use the new season as a reason to start a new exercise routine, for you and your dog. Brisk walks in the heat of summer can be tough, but in the cool fall air they are downright invigorating.

Do you have any special fall activities that you do with your dog? If so, please share!