This Year, Make Your Thanksgiving Dog-Friendly

There are so many things in life to be thankful for. Top of the list for any dog owner is their canine companion. Show your gratitude this year, and consider these dog-friendly Thanksgiving tips while hosting your friends and family.

1. Take your dog on a long walk or run in the morning.

We understand how busy people are the kitchen is on the day of Thanksgiving — but set time aside to ensure your pup gets the exercise they need. A well-exercised dog is happier, calmer and can more easily entertain themselves the rest of the day.


2. Feed your dog before your guests arrive.

A full dog is less likely to beg and sniff around for bits of dropped food. Be sure they are content and full — perhaps with a Turkey meal of their own. (Hint: try Born Free canned Turkey Recipe! Mix it in with their kibble to satiate those meaty cravings.)


3. Make sure your dog has a quiet and comfortable place to retreat.

There’s no doubt that the holidays can get hectic. While your dog may want to greet everyone that comes in the door — they can still get overwhelmed by the activity. Be sure to have a bedroom open or a cozy dog bed away from the central gathering place where they can relax.


4. Ask your guests to avoid feeding scraps.

Puppy dog eyes may be your guests’ greatest weakness, but remind your family and friends that it is not healthy for your dog to eat table food. While carrots, turkey and potatoes don’t sound unhealthy — the added butter, seasonings and sauces used in food preparation for humans doesn’t agree with a dog’s digestive system.


A happy and healthy dog is something we can all be thankful for. Take some time to make sure Thanksgiving is just as enjoyable for your dog as it is for you! How do you show your dog you’re thankful? Tell us in the comments!