Celebrate the Holidays with These Dog Gift Ideas

The holiday season is a time of giving. We are thankful for our friends and our loved ones — including our dogs. Our dogs a gift that is intangible yet undeniable — their unconditional love and loyalty.

Include your dog in the holiday gifting festivities with something special just for them. Here are some ideas:

Holiday-Themed Toy

There are loads of holiday-themed dog toys you can get for your dog. Or, you could make your own with some durable rope. Use a green and red rope to craft a wreath for some fun tug of war. Or use a blue and white rope to craft a snowflake tug toy.


Doggy Spa

If your dog enjoys the fresh feel they get from groomers, then a holiday doggy spa is a perfect gift. Go all out and make sure your dog gets the full spa treatment, blow-dry and all. And be sure to include a doggy massage—that’s the best part. 

Let Them Pick Out a Toy

Use our handy store locator tool to find a great local pet retailer near you. Bring your pup and let them pick out a toy, greet the shoppers and employees. Our favorite retailers often have a special treat for your dog when they visit too.

Fresh Air Play Date

Bundle up a little extra for the sake of your pup, and make sure they have the proper winter gear on too. Then take an extra-long outing to do all your dog’s favorite outdoor activities. If there is good packing snow, try throwing snowballs for your dog to chase.

A Meaty Treat

Give your dog a variety of delicious meaty flavors. Born Free cans are a great gift for your dog — and they make great stocking stuffers for dogs and owners alike! Mix these into kibble for a satisfying holiday meal for your dog.

Born Free is wishing you and your dog a happy holiday season!