Fantastically Fun DIY Projects For Your Dog

With so many of us spending more time at home, our dogs couldn’t be happier! But naturally, we’re all looking for fun new ways for all of us to stay busy and productive. Flex your creative muscles and try something new with these easy DIY projects for your dog.

Agility Jump

Exercising together is a great way for you to bond with your dog, and keep the mind stimulated. While walks are great, use some of your extra time to kick it up a notch and make a DIY agility jump to practice some additional moves. It doesn’t need to be overly complex — it’s easy to create something simple to get your dog moving.

  1. Place two 5 gallon buckets upside down about 3 feet apart from each other. Use two shorter objects, like two equal stacks of books for smaller dogs.
  2. Place a yardstick, broomstick, or any similar object over the top of the buckets. You can lightly secure with tape if needed.
  3. Introduce your dog to the objects and guide them to jump over — it will likely come naturally to them, with just a little encouragement.
  4. Be sure to reward your dog for completed jumps! See if they will do over and return back – keep practicing!

Tennis Ball Food Puzzle

In the wild, wolves use their intelligence to seek out and find their food. By creating a hide and seek with common household items, it is easy to stimulate your dog’s inner wolf senses. Create a food puzzle with a tennis ball:

  1. Cut an old tennis ball two-thirds to half-way open on its seam.
  2. Fill the hollow interior with a few bits of kibble.
  3. Give the ball to your dog to shake and work-out the kibble.

Box of Treats

Give your dog the opportunity to really dig into an activity and hunt down their favorite treats.

  1. Cut a few small holes – of various sizes in a box, cereal box or pasta boxes could work.
  2. Make the holes close to the size of the treat – but not so big that the game is too easy for your dog.
  3. Put a few different sized treats in the box and seal it shut. The idea is to let your dog work hard to get the treats out of the box.
  4. Demonstrate for your dog by shaking the box until a treat falls out.

Classic DIY Crinkle Toy

A go-to DIY is a simple water bottle crinkle toy. It’s easy to make and the crunchy sounds are ultra-satisfying for your dog.

  1. Take an empty plastic water bottle from your recycling, and give it a few squeezes to crunch it up.
  2. Dispose of the cap and bottleneck ring as they can be choking hazards.
  3. Stuff the water bottle into a tall tube sock.
  4. Tie it off with one or two knots on the open end and toss around for your dog.


Have you done any DIY projects for your dog? Share them with us!