Photograph Your Dog Like A Pro with These Simple Tips

Just as parents and grandparents love taking photos of their children and grandchildren — so do dog parents! Thanks to smartphones, almost everyone has access to a powerful camera in right their pocket. But are the pictures any good?

If you want to improve your pet photography skills and take better pictures of your dog — we’re sharing some tips!

You probably want to capture your dog’s true character. Depending on what that is, you might need to wait until your dog does that certain thing, or gets that certain look, that is uniquely theirs. As any wildlife photographer will tell you, capturing an animal’s essence requires patience.

Use treats and toys
You can use treats or toys to direct your dog’s attention to help position them in a certain way. If your dog is still developing its training skills, food is a great way to lure their attention. Now is a great time to practice their sit and stay command!

Move slowly and be quiet
Quick movements might interrupt your dog’s focus. Make sure to move slowly when aiming for the right shot. Be sure to also stay quiet — talking too much might confuse your dog.

Get down low
There is nothing wrong with photographing your dog from above. But if you want to create an engaging portrait, shoot from your dog’s level. Being flexible and low to the ground is important — make sure to do some stretching before the shoot, because you might have to bend down, squat, twist, or crawl—whatever it takes to get that shot.

Focus on the eyes
When shooting portraits, many professional wildlife photographers focus their cameras on the eyes. You should, too. The look in your dog’s eyes will create a more intimate photo. These are the ones you are likely to cherish for a lifetime.

The background
Consider what would make a great for a great background; but remember, you want the focus of your shot to be on the dog. So, make sure there is nothing in the background that could distract from your subject.

Natural light
Unless you have professional equipment for shooting indoors, the best place to photograph your dog is outside in natural light or near a window.

Technical tidbits
If you are shooting with a camera that has advanced settings, consider using a fast shutter speed of at least 1/250 and even a faster one if you are taking action shots. To prevent soft images, use the continuous autofocus mode.

If you have any pictures of your dog that you are particularly proud of, please share them with us!