Puppy Proof Your Home with These 15 Simple Guidelines

Puppies — so cute, and so unpredictable. With their mix of limitless curiosity and endless energy, it is important to protect your puppy and your home from their exploration hazards. Follow these 15 guidelines for a successful ride through puppyhood.


So, before your puppy chews through it, let’s get to it!


  1. Make sure all electric cords are out of reach. Puppies can easily chew through them and could get electrocuted. A good solution is to string electric cords through cord concealers.


  1. No matter how much your puppy begs, don’t share your human food. Some human food can be toxic for dogs and little puppies are even more susceptible. Check out this article to learn about foods to avoid.


  1. For similar reasons, make sure your puppy cannot dig into the trash, which can contain toxic human food scraps and other poisonous items.


  1. Keep cleaning supplies out of reach. Really chewy puppies may be compelled to chew on these products that contain dangerous chemicals. So just as you’d tuck them away for small children — do the same for your pup.


  1. When using your fireplace, be sure to build your sturdy fire behind a fireplace screen. A curious puppy pulling a log or stick from the fire spells chaos for your puppy and your home.


  1. Don’t forget to puppy proof your garage. If you’re going to have your dog spend time with you in the shop or the garage ensure things like fishing tackle, hardware supplies and tools are all out up and safely out of reach.


  1. Be extra careful about clothing, curtains, dish towels and other cloth items that sit around your home. Keep a close eye on your puppies chewing habits. If you find that they chew and sometimes swallow cloth items keep them out of reach — it is very dangerous for their digestive systems and can sometimes require surgery to remove the item.


  1. Your curious puppy will try to explore every room in the house. Whether you are home or not, use baby gates to seal off parts of your home so that you can always keep an eye on your pup.


  1. Keep your remote controls out of reach. Not only will a puppy ruin your remote, he could also swallow the batteries, which could be deadly.


  1. If you like to keep your shoes looking spiffy, keep them out of reach of your puppy. Shoes are the perfect size (and smell) to draw a puppy’s attention. This is also a hard habit to break — so if you don’t want a dog that chews shoes, don’t give them access to shoes as a puppy!


  1. Keep all medications and vitamins safely stowed away in a medicine cabinet. These are items that often sit on kitchen or bathroom counters — and while puppies are small, they are also creative. Put these items in cabinets or up high on a shelf.


  1. Some houseplants are toxic to dogs. Ensure any toxic plants are out of reach or in a room your puppy will not go. This list contains plants that are considered dangerous.


  1. Keep toilet lids shut. Open toilets are hazards for puppies — and no one wants kisses from a puppy who’s been in the toilet…


  1. Small and sharp items should be put out of reach before you bring your puppy home. Do a daily check of their toys to ensure no damaged small pieces are out — they could be choking hazards.


  1. Create a “safe space” for your puppy. A safe space can be a crate in a secluded area or a fluffy spot on a sofa. Dogs and puppies need their own place where they can withdraw if there is too much commotion or if they simply want privacy to chew on a bone or sleep.


Do you have additional puppy proofing recommendations? If so, please share them with us!