A Safe Thanksgiving for Your Family — Including your Dog

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy a festive meal with family and friends. However, because of the coronavirus, many of our relatives and friends will not be able to join us at the dinner table this year. But instead of letting the situation get us down, now is the time to focus on the positive things in our lives — like our beloved dogs. Consider dedicating this Thanksgiving to your dog.


Here are several ways you can have a dog-friendly Thanksgiving:


Write thank you letters

Everyone is feeling a little isolated this year. You and your dog can spread some joy and gratitude by writing some thank you letters! Send a small and simple thank you card signed by you and your dog to the groomer, the vet and the dog sitter thanking them for all they do. Getting well-wishes from their favorite furry client is sure to put a smile on their face.


Take a woodsy walk

Spend some time in the woods with your dog this Thanksgiving season. The crisp air and earthy leaves will have your dog’s nose working in overdrive. Scent focused experiences like this can be really stimulating for your dog’s mind — making them calmer and happier at the end of the day. Spending time in the woods or on the hiking trails is also beneficial for you! Time spent in the fresh air can reduce stress — something a lot of us tend to feel around the holidays.


Make a DIY Thanksgiving dog toy

Find some old fall-colored clothing you’re ready to part with, and cut three 12 in strips out of it. Tie a secure knot at the top of strings and braid the strands together. Secure the other end with another knot and you’ve got yourself a new dog toy! Use it to play fetch, tug or hide and seek with your dog.


Make a special Thanksgiving treat

The thing we humans look forward to most on Thanksgiving is delicious food — indulgent food that we don’t get to eat every day. Make your dog’s Thanksgiving meal feel just as special. With a smaller portion of their normal kibble, mix in a half or full can of Born Free Turkey Cuisine and top with one or two of their favorite soft treats! Not only will a different look to their meal excite them — a variety of flavors and textures are sure to have them wagging their tail with gratitude!


No matter what Thanksgiving looks like this year, spread gratitude to the ones you love — especially your four-legged companions!