Doggy It’s Cold Outside: 8 Great Ways to Keep Your Dog Active Indoors

Sometimes it gets so cold outside, that getting your dog out for their daily activity is tough. If the temperature is dangerous for you, it is probably dangerous for your dog, too. So, how do you keep your dog active when it is too cold to be outside? The answer is simple: keep them active inside.


Here are 8 great ways to make sure your dog gets enough exercise during the cold months.


1)Try the Treadmill

A treadmill can be the perfect answer to keep your dog moving even on the coldest days. However, the concept of a treadmill and how to use it safely may not be obvious to a dog. Check out this article to learn how to introduce your dog to walking—or running—on a treadmill.


2) Sign up for indoor dog-agility classes

Indoor dog-agility classes are an excellent way to keep your dog fit during winter. Some of these classes have been put on pause due to COVID-19. But inquire about socially distanced classes available in your area!


3) Hide and seek

Hide and seek is a great activity because it does not require any toys or obstacles and it is free! Tell your dog to sit and stay. Then you go hide! Give them a whistle or say their name as a cue to start looking for you. This exercises the mind, the nose and of course the body!


4) Go swimming

Janet K. of Fox Point in Wisconsin has a dog that loves the water. “I take Althea swimming at an indoor pool built just for canines,” she said. “Althea loves to swim and after a 30-minute swimming session she takes a nap in her doggy bed and is calm all night.” Janet added that only one person in addition to the trainer is allowed in the pool area. “We have to stay six-feet apart, which makes me feel safe because of COVID.”


5) Tug-of-war and fetch

A fun game of tug-of-war or fetch is always a great indoor activity. Remember, of course, to be careful when tossing a ball or other object inside. Broken windows or knocked-over furniture is no fun.


6) Create an obstacle course

If indoor agility classes are not your thing, you can create an obstacle course in your home. Ideas for obstacles are endless. To get your creative juices flowing, check out this article for ideas.


7) Organize a playdate

Dogs are social animals and most love to spend time with other dogs—so organize a doggy playdate. Consider clearing out an area of your home to give the dogs space to play and be rambunctious.


8) Mental stimulation

The brain burns a lot of energy, which means mental stimulation exercises and games will contribute to burning excess energy. While the amount of energy burned will not maintain your dog’s body composition, it can still tucker them out just the same.