Find New Love in an Old Dog

It is understandable to be drawn toward puppies when considering a dog for adoption. After all, there are not too many things in the world that are cuter than a puppy. But they can be a handful and aren’t always the best fit for every home.  Consider adopting a mature or senior dog. Here are some reasons why:



Most adult dogs available for adoption are already house trained, allowing you to bypass the stressful task of training a puppy where to use the bathroom. They can be pretty good at communicating when they need to go out for a potty break!


Forming bonds

Despite what many people believe, mature and senior dogs are quick to form bonds with their new owners and other pets. That is because they have already been trained and socialized. So, skip that portion of training and get right to the cuddling.


Calm temperament

If you have a busy lifestyle, taking the time to train a puppy can be taxing. An older dog, however, is already trained and, owning to its age, is less demanding than a highly energetic pup. Other than a daily walk, most older dogs are content to cuddle and nap. (Notice the theme: lots of cuddling).


Good manners

Senior dogs tend to have a calmer temperament than puppies, and have an easier time understanding and responding to commands — as they’ve probably already had some amount of basic training.


A friend in need

As the adage goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” A senior dog who has been rescued from a shelter, however, knows how good life is with you. They are grateful for downtime with you, the extra treat and, of course, the attention. They truly appreciate the second chance at happiness that their new human has given them.


You can be a hero

Unfortunately, senior dogs are not adopted as often as their younger counterparts at the shelter. Adopting a senior dog is an opportunity to give them the “happily ever after” moment they’ve been patiently waiting for.  Every time you look into their loving and wise eyes — you will feel the impact you’ve made on their life.