Puppies Teach Us Valuable Life Lessons

Puppies can teach us many important life lessons. While on paper, humans may be smarter than dogs, and puppies have just started living, they may be able to offer us some sage advice if we simply pay attention.


Puppies by their nature tend to be happy-go-lucky creatures. Expand on their positive nature when training them, as most professional dog trainers recommend. But also use positive reinforcement in your own life. If you are showing somebody how to do something, praise them when they get it right. When they make a mistake, do not reprimand them, but be patient and encourage them.


Hard work and consistency pay off

If you want to train a certain behavior into your puppy you know that you need to practice over and over again to get it to click. Similarly, if you want to grow and learn in your own life, you must also work hard and be consistent. If you can get your puppy to do it, surely you can, too.


Practice forgiveness

Even the most patient puppy owner might lose their cool from time to time. (After all, who takes well to having their shoes used as chew toys?) But you will notice that puppies tend to forgive a scolding quickly. Sometimes merely taking something from your puppy that should not be in its mouth will make them sad, but in a few minutes, they will be over it. In a similar vein, don’t hold onto things that have upset you or disappointed you. Studies show that forgiveness is important for your emotional health.


Appreciate the small things

When was the last time you appreciated the small things—like really appreciated the really small things — like being able to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee in the morning? Everything is new and magical for puppies. Remember to put on your “puppy glasses” and appreciate the simple but wonderful things in life that we sometimes take for granted.


Embrace chaos

Oftentimes, life seems like a giant balancing act as you navigate the chaos of modern society—and that is without raising a puppy. Anybody who has raised a puppy knows those adorable fur babies can raise a ruckus. From chewed-up shoes, accidents, and a humourous lack of manners — puppies bring joyous chaos.

You learn to embrace the chaos and cherish the time you have with your goofy, clumsy puppy while they are still so tiny. And that right there is a great lesson to learn in life—you cannot control everything. In fact, there is a famous invocation attesting to this. “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”


There sure is a lot of wisdom we can learn from our tiny four-legged friends.