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Born Free has new packaging. Are your recipes new, too?

We’ve updated our formulas to offer dog owners a more complete pantry of choices. We’ve introduced four new recipes, including one specially designed for puppies: Cutters Creek Fish recipe with salmon, salmon meal and trout Garrisons Glen Poultry recipe with chicken, chicken meal, turkey, duck, quail and guinea hen Redwood Ranch Red meat recipe with beef, pork meat meal, lamb and pork liver Dakota Den Puppy recipe with chicken, turkey liver, chicken meal, pork meat meal, duck, quail and guinea hen

Are Born Free recipes still grain-free?

Yes. Our recipes remain grain-free, including our newly introduced puppy recipe: Dakota Den.

Why a grain-free puppy food?

Offering a grain-free adult or all-life-stages food is common. But we believe your puppy should get started with a grain-free diet that’s also formulated to meet the critical needs of a young, growing pup.
The most important time of a puppy’s development is when it is transitioning from mother’s milk to solid foods. That’s when young dogs develop their delicate digestive and immune systems. The turkey liver included in our puppy recipe is easy for an immature system to digest while being full of essential nutrients needed for proper growth.

Have fat and caloric levels changed?

Fat and caloric levels remain relatively the same compared to our previous recipes.

What is the starch source in Born Free recipes?

We’ve lowered our dependence on white potato for starch and incorporated more legumes and lentils. Two recipes — Cutters Creek and Redwood Ranch — are now entirely free of white potato.

How much fiber is in Born Free recipes?

We’ve increased the fiber content from 4% to be not more than 6% to aid in digestion and better remove toxins from the body.

Do you still use natural ingredients for Born Free foods?

Yes. We remain committed to better pet nutrition through natural ingredients.

Where are Born Free foods made?

An independent, family-owned production facility in the Midwest makes all Born Free foods.

Where can I buy Born Free pet food?

Born Free is currently only available from independent retailers in the Midwest, but we’re expanding quickly! Find a retailer near you, or sign up for our email list to be the first to know when Born Free is available in your area.