Pets and Hurricanes: A Complete Guide on How to Prepare

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We’ve all seen the images of abandoned pets whose owners fled for safety in the face of dangerous storms, usually hurricanes. We shouldn’t pass judgment on those owners, because we’re not privy to their circumstances. However, with proper preparation, such situations need not occur. So, here’s everything you need to know in order to prepare […]

From Wolf to Dog: A Truly Remarkable Evolutionary Odyssey

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An adult gray wolf looks directly at the camera. Other photo: A French bulldog on a leash looks directly into the camera.

It has been well established through DNA testing that all modern domesticated dogs are descended from gray wolves (Canis lupus).  But how and when did the evolutionary process start? Perhaps our ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors tamed wolves? It can’t be ruled out that over the eons this might have happened here and there. But such attempts […]